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tytuł: Application of the local plane concept in control diagnostics of gears
kategoria: materiały konferencyjne
dział: inne
opis: In the paper the methods of vibroacoustic signal analysis based on local plane pinion tooth - gear tooth concept allowing to get information about gear manufacturing and assembly errors were presented. Manufacturing and assembly errors introduce disturbances into the vibroacoustic signal which are strictly correlated with the kinematics of the machine. Local plane allows presenting signal parameters as a function of their occurrence in the signal.
If we look at this part of the signal that is created by the consecutive teeth pairs (zi,zj) of the gearbox with theoretical geometry not disturbed by manufacturing processes or material stiffness changes, we will discover that observed signal and in consequence its measures are functions of the single real variable – time. However observation of here introduced space, local plane of all the pairs (zi,zj), shows that this measures behaves like a continuous function of two independent variables (t1,t2) parametrising this plane.
With this assumption the methods based on signal envelope analysis aiming detection of local disturbances (local nonstationarities) caused by damage were proposed. Application of those methods allows finding places in periodic signal where the disturbance caused by manufacturing or assembly errors took place. This disturbance leads to the changes of the type and magnitude of the function describing signal envelope and its position in the signal is well correlated with the damage location and the gear technical condition.
rok wydania: 2007
wydawnictwo: The 2nd World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (EAM) and The 4th International Conference on Condition Monitoring, 11-14 June 2007 Harrogate, UK. pp. 647-656
autorzy: Adam GAŁĘZIA, Jędrzej MĄCZAK


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