Serwis Informacyjny "Mechatronika"


tytuł: Structure of distributed diagnostic systems as a function of particular diagnostic task
kategoria: materiały konferencyjne
dział: mechatronika w budowie maszyn

During the last few years introduction of the condition based maintenance exploitation strategy forced fast development of new generation of machine diagnostic systems. This development was possible because of the progress in computer systems technologies, their increased computing power as well as the common possibility of connecting particular processing units into larger groups. Diagnostic systems assembled from many local diagnosing units monitoring technical state of respective machines integrated into one diagnostic system were named distributed diagnostic systems.

In the paper the various structure configurations of distributed diagnostic systems were discussed with regard to the functioning, used algorithms, location and amount of data to be transferred. An example of multithread programming structure of local diagnostic unit was given as well as a problem of selection of diagnostic procedures in dependence of actual type of machine behavior with special respect to stationary and nonstationary was described.

rok wydania: 2007
wydawnictwo: 20th International Congress “Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management” (COMADEM 2007), 13-15.07.2007r. Faro, Portugalia, str. 171-178
autorzy: J. Mączak


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