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tytuł: Examination of the relationship between the condition of the track and dynamic response of the vehicle while relying on measurement signals
kategoria: publikacja
dział: inne
opis: The paper presents functional models of a railcar-track dynamic system developed based on measurement signals related to irregularities of the railway track treated as the inputs and measuring signals of accelerations of selected points of the railcar as the outputs. Models of varied structure are compared: from the simplest one of a single input - single output type to stratified systems with several inputs and a single output. In the course of modeling, mutual relationships between input signals are omitted at this stage. The task of the study is to evaluate the usability of such models for the assessment of the impact that the condition of the rail-track has on dynamic properties of rail-cars. The analysis is predominantly conducted on the basis of the power spectral density of response functions for individual models.
rok wydania: 2003
wydawnictwo: Machine Dynamics Problems. Vol. 27 No 2, 2003, str. 25-36
autorzy: J. Droździel, J. Mączak, S. Radkowski


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