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tytuł: Use of vibroacoustic diagnostics in technical state assessment: a bayesian approach
kategoria: publikacja
dział: inne

The goal of the paper is to develop a new method of system operation assessment required for maintaining high level of reliability of complex systems, where the basis of such strategy is procedure relying on the results of comparative research performed with the use of diagnostic models considering the state of developing degradation of their critical elements. To this aim was adopted and presented in this paper a Bayesian probabilistic framework for technical state assessment. The idea is to seach for most informational diagnostic signal, by comparing the relative probabilities and utility function for any kind of failure and proper chosen diagnostic experiment. The Bayesian approach is shown. to take into account:
1. the decision analysis with given information –prior analysis;
2. the decision analysis with new information – posterior analysis;
3. the decision analysis with unknown information – pre- posterior analysis.
Es example is considered the procedure of updating in material strength testing. The method of solving the problem described in the paper enables foreseeing the subsequent stages of defect development, thus enabling operational decisions to be made in a manner similar to the procedures applied for use of systems designed according to the “damage tolerant” principle.

rok wydania: 2007
wydawnictwo: Journal of KONES
autorzy: Robert Gumiński, Stanisław Radkowski


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