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tytuł: Bispectral Measures as the Indicators of Failure Stage Evolution Development
kategoria: materiały konferencyjne
dział: inne
opis: It was built a test bed for high-cycle tests of fatigue processes. We have calculated the initial dimensions of a sample (HxWxL): 10mm x 5mm x 30mm. For the preset maximum deformation from 5÷40 μm range as well as the generated frequency of 10kHz, we selected a piezoelectric actuator - type PPA80L with parameters: max. no load displacement: 90 μm, blocked force 3500 N, resonance frequency (free-free: 7000 Hz, capacitance: 26,6 μF, height: 97 mm, width: 18 mm. This actuator can be powered with 150V current, which interworks with LA75C amplifier. The authors proposed a small-dimension test bed for diagnosing the high-cycle fatigue processes, with dimensions of usually 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 m and its weight does not exceed 2 kg, with a titan head mounted directly on the piezoelectric generator.
rok wydania: 2010
wydawnictwo: Proc. of 37th Solid Mechanics Conference „SOLMECH 2010”, Warsaw, Poland, pp. 90-91.
autorzy: Marcin JASIŃSKI, Stanisław RADKOWSKI


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