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tytuł: Use of Hilbert-Huang transform of a vibroacoustic signal in the research related to the gigacycle fatigue process
kategoria: publikacja
dział: inne
opis: The purpose of this paper is to develop, for highly-resistant materials, a method of forecasting and analysis of gigacycle fatigue durability (108÷109 cycles) relying on vibroacoustic signal analysis. The proposed method involves use of results of vibroacoustic signal analysis obtained during accelerated fatigue tests conducted in dedicated test bed constructed specially for this purpose and operating in the frequency range of 10 kHz which corresponds to the resonance frequency of vibration of samples. Let us note that the process of defect formation may lead to both, the intensification of non-linear phenomena as well as the occurrence of non-stationary effects even if during the early stages the intensity of defects is small while the growth of the level of vibration and noise is negligible, as contrasted with emergency states. A useful method is to test the higher order spectra, which respectively define the non-linear effects. The conducted analyses point to high usability of Hilbert spectrum through the EMD examining the non-stationary character of signals.
The main goal of these investigations is to examine the signal processing method for gigacycle fatigue durability and impact of dynamic stress. Efficient signal analysis would be especially important for high frequency loading which dominates in rotating machinery diagnosis.
rok wydania: 2009
wydawnictwo: Diagnostyka Vol. 52, Nr 4, str. 85÷92
autorzy: Szymon GONTARZ, Marcin JASIŃSKI, Stanisław RADKOWSKI


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